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Sista Awa Interview

Publichsed on June 2017

Sista Awa talks us about her musical journey as well as her collaboration with Huba Records

On the following of the upcoming Vinyl release ''African Roots''  we got the chance to make a brief interview
with Sista Awa where she speaks about her views, music and collaboration with Huba Records.

Can you introduce your self to the portuguese massive?
One perfect and blessed Love.
My name is Awa Fall Mirone aka Sista Awa .
I'm half italian, half from Senegal.
I was born in 1996 in Bergamo, the city where I actually live.
At the moment,in life, i'm studying Human Science and, of course,
I am a singer. Since I was a child I love black music.

How you got involved in reggae music?
I started to do reggae with my aunty, Valentina B., in 2010.
In the beginning I was attracted by riddims, melodies, voices..
in a second moment by the lyrics and the culture. 
Reggae music, was like a teacher to me.
As you know reggae is not just music that make us have fun,
dance and an also reasoning on its messages. T
hat's why I always need to listen, to sing this powerfull music. 

Do you see yourself as spiritual person?
If so, how Rastafari livity infuence your life?
In one of my song I say : Rastafari saved my life.
What I say is strong but is true.
When I was a younger I was searching the right point of
reference for my life, that I didn't find in my parents.
I was searching the right example of life, a guide.
Through the music came Rastafari, he  gave me a gift,
the teachings and thanks to His wonderfull Words,
I'm able to see clearly the right way. Give thanks, everytime.

Let's talk about your music.
You have been very active in Reggae scene the last couple of years, can you talk us a bit about your works, and goals in music?
Yes, always on the move.
On february 2016 I released my first album named "Inna Dis Ya Iwa" .
This album is produced by Andrea Bottaro (bassman of my backing band Eazy Skankers) with the support of Walter "Bonnot" Buonanno (producer of General Levy, M1 Dead Prez, Assalti Frontali, Inoki Ness..).
Thanks to this collaboration we traveled a lot around Europe.
We played in festivals like Rototom, Overjam , One Love..
In the meanwhile I released several tunes with different artists of the dub-scene from Europe, Senegal, Mexico like Alpha Steppa, Zion Train, Amoul Bayi Records..

Right now you have a single called 'African Roots'' due to be released on a 7'' vinyl format on the portuguese label Huba Records, can you tell us a bit more about this track, what inspired you to make it and write it?
African Roots is the amount of different feelings.
"Like Salomon says : physical distance cannot be a barrier to love"
Africa is my motherland, I have a family there and many of them are living the difficult situation that I talk about in this song.
The suffering they have to live everyday, I can feel it too. Cause, one is what we are. So this chant goes to my African family.

You have been recently in Africa for the first time right? Can you please tell us a bit more about that experience and what it meant to you?

I went to Africa for the first time to know my family, I had to wait till now but finally I went home and I known my whole family, from my granparents to my further cousin.
Every second I spent there, meant a lot to me. Finally I know who I am. There's no words to describe the wonderfull feelings I felt there, among all of dem. Now I have a project in my mind, and of course, after I finished school I'll go there, in Senegal to live.

''African Roots'' was written and recorded a while before your first visit to Africa. After being there for the first time, how this song resonates to you? 
When I was listening to the final mix of this tune, I was in Africa.
I've felt a powerfull feeling because I have sung exaclty what I was living.

Before we finish, do you want to send a message to Huba Records fans and all reggae community?
Keep on shining!
Give thanks and praises.
More love from the heart of your Sista Awa.

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Interview by Huba Records Team - 24/05/2017

'' Reggae music, was like a teacher to me. As you know reggae is not just music that make us have fun, and dance, we can also reasoning on its messages.''

'' Like Salomon said: phisical distance cannot be a barrier to love.''